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Follipur Natural Hair Care Routine

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Hair Regrowth Treatment + AnaGain

with Pisum Sativum Extract.
A must for any advanced hair growth routine.
30 day supply - 1 oz, (30 ml)

Price: $39


A Unicorn? A Game Changer? The Follipur Hair Regrowth Treatment is simply the most powerful and effective hair growth serum you will ever try.

Formulated with one of the worlds most studied natural ingredients: Pisum Sativum (AnaGain), this unique & revolutionary serum combines the restoring power of a clinically proven regrowth treatment with the gentle touch you would expect from a natural product.

  • Completely revive dormant hair follicles while nourishing and strengthening active follicles
  • Set the foundation for a healthy scalp and hair by optimizing your hair's growth system
  • Never purchase a toxic minoxidil product again. Safe and natural!
  • Not for you? Don’t sweat it, we will fully refund your purchase even if they product is used!

Works for all scalp types

Normal, Thinning, Oily, Sensitive, Balding

a big step.

The regrowth treatment is the most important step and is included in our Complete 4-Step Routine

Price of the Treatment if purchased Individually:


Regrowth Treatment if purchased within the Complete 4-Step Routine

$39 $29

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How to use

Restart Growing

  • Start with 3 to 5 pumps onto your hand or scalp area you would like to treat
  • Gently rub the formula into your scalp for 15 - 20 seconds
  • Leave in for a minimum of 2 hours, no maximum
  • For best results use twice daily
  • Shower as you normally would

Key Ingredients

Customer Reviews


“I noticed after washing my hair a few weeks later that there were new hairs! Just the regrowth serum alone was a hit for me.”


“The reason I am so in love with Follipur's growth serum is: 1) It gentle brings back sleepy hair follicles (easy to spray on once or twice a day). And 2) It doesn't leave any oily residue. I'm telling you - this will change your life.”

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If you’re not completely happy with Follipur for any reason at all we will fully refund your purchase within 30 Days from the date of receipt.

If for any reason you’d like to extend that time period we’re happy to accomodate, simply email us at and let us know you need more time to try your products. It’s that simple!

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