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Follipur Natural Hair Care Routine

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Complete 4-Step Routine

Ranked #1 in Hairgrowth By Harper’s Bazaar!




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Follipur Complete 4-Step Routine is the representation of our core philosophy: natural is better & growing hair is healthy hair.

Your Complete 4-Step Routine is designed to work together to give you everything your hair needs (cleanse, grow, nourish, protect) in 4 simple steps that take minutes a day.

Formulated with natural ingredients such as our Pisum Sativum Sprout, Fruit Cell Extract, Argania Spinosa, Aloe Vera, as well as countless Antioxidants and Vitamins; your Complete 4-Step Routine will deliver spectacular growth, radiant shine, but most importantly, healthy hair.

Works for all scalp types

Normal, Thinning, Oil, Sensitive, Balding


  • DEEP CLEANSING & CONDITIONING - Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner: We completely remove all harmful toxins and free radicals trapped within your hair follicles. Then nourish your hair and scalp to bring back its strength and volume. We set the foundation for a healthy head of hair by resetting your hair's baseline.

  • REACTIVATE HAIR GROWTH - Hair Regrowth Treatment: We address the root causes of hair-loss by healing & reactivating your hair follicles right at the scalp. We jump start your follicles with the natural ingredient AnaGain which works to move the follicles from their resting state to an active state.

  • NOURISH & MAINTAIN - Enhanced Hair Nutrition: We provide your body with nutrients like Biotin-B7, Calcium, & regenerative peptides. We remove Vitamin B deficiencies, stimulate gene regulation, and cell signalling. The end result are extremely healthy and productive hair follicles that kick into overdrive!

  • CALM, PROTECT - Pure Moroccan Argan Oil: We reduce damage caused to your hair from toxins, products, and pollution by protecting with Vitamin E and moisturizers. We create a shield around individual hairs and even your scalp. The result is a full, strong, and thick head of hair.


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Customer Reviews

Jessie K

“With my 35th birthday creeping around the corner I couldn’t help but scrutinize every hair I saw in the drain or in my brush everyday. My former haircare routine was not working for me anymore and I was tired of worrying about thinning hair at my age. So, I went on a mad hunt for a good hair growth routine that would be really affordable. That would also leave me feeling like I just left the salon. Well, I found Follipur, and I got everything I needed. Great hair at a great price. It’s the first hair care routine that I haven’t had to modify or supplement with other products and it doesn’t leave my hair feeling oily or heavy. I’m not excited about turning 35 but now thanks to Follipur I’m hoping I’ll look 35 when i’m 55”

JBrandy M

“I love my Follipur I can’t live without it . When I first started Follipur about 2 1/2 months ago I had given up on my constant hair loss because of my age . Minoxidil products would leave my scalp dry, red, and it seemed like they caused my hair to dry out and break. They were making the situation worse and its so dry here in Dallas, TX. After the 45 day challenge Follipur had which I participated in I looked at my scalp and noticed little baby hairs coming in . I also noticed my postpartum hair loss stopped altogether, just like they promised would happen with this product.

I even dyed my hair for the first time in months and I look so gorgeous. I finally found something that makes my hair not just feel good but look good too”

Diana M

“I am 63 years old and have NEVER had a good hair routine, but I bought this and decided to see what happens. Well, it is AMAZING. My husband noticed a difference after only 1 months. I now have used it for 3 months and can not imagine ever stopping. It isn't expensive, and the results are truly amazing. I know we read a lot of crap on the internet, but this is legit. I love it!”

Janet L

“I never write reviews but I felt compelled to write this one. I just needed to tell everyone else what they are missing! I purchased the complete 4 step routine for myself and ended up sharing the regrowth spray with my husband. My husband has been bald as long as I can remember and he now has hair coming in, it's amazing! I am so happy to see him confident like when we first met. Will purchase again, but this time with the membership!”

Maria D

“Using this for one year now. My hair is amazing. I had three different hair growth products , six different shampoos and conditions, oils, everything to make me grow thicker hair , none worked . All went in the trash . Don’t need them , don’t want them, won’t use them. This is the only way to go ladies and gentlemen. Auto ship, long lasting and keeps your hair looking thick and amazing all the time. Give it a try!”

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