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Follipur Natural Hair Care Routine

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Our love story
began over 400
years ago...

In a small village in Southern Italy, a family run apothecary started documenting the healing benefits of local herbs & plants. This work would provide the foundation of what would later become the writings of Medicine & Healing in the Ancient Mediterranean world.

Known as a classic in the history or Western medicine, it is still used today in countries all over the world.

Generations later, Follipur was born.

In the 1950's, a descendant, Ms. Rosina Rende used this knowledge to create a serum meant to nourish and moisturize the hair and scalp. However, the resulting product had an unintended side-effect and became so popular that patients from all corners of the country sought treatment... It caused hair to begin regrowing...

Daughter Annalisa Fiore carried on the tradition when founding Follipur some 10 years ago. Finding many harmful ingredients in North American hair growth products, she started selling her mother's homemade formulas from her university form room with continued success.

Innovation is just the beginning.

Follipur skillfully combines ancient traditions with modern anti-aging techniques. We are the first company ever to study and commercialize the healing and anti-aging benefits of the Mediterranean Garden Pea (Pisum Sativum) sprout.

Follipur is blazing a new and exciting path for natural hair regrowth with our powerful, proprietary and patented technological breakthroughs. Supercritical follicle manipulation of the telogen (resting) and anagen (active) states.

We are a customer focused company.

We are eager to deliver a world class customer experience - From our Board of Directors all the way down to our amazing Customer Service Agents.

Our goal is to share the best of natural hair regrowth with the world and this starts with a truly exceptional customer experience. We humbly thank all of our customers who have contributed to our success thus far and are excited to share this journey with you.