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Follipur Natural Hair Care Routine

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Deep Nutrition Bundle

Nourishment and regrowth together in one convenient package. 30 day supply - 1 oz (30 ml) + 60 day supply - 60 gel caps

$65 $74


Our powerful two hit combo to tackle hair loss directly at the source. This effective combination addresses hair loss at the root with our Hair Regrowth Treatment as well as nourishing the follicle directly with our Enhanced Hair Nutrition capsules.

Both are formulated with natural ingredients and clinically proven formulas specifically designed to stop and reverse hair loss in both men and women. Receive the benefits of regrowth while continuing to use your favorite products as you always would.

  • Completely revive dormant hair follicles while nourishing and strengthening active follicles
  • Set the foundation for a healthy scalp and hair by optimizing your hair's growth system
  • Address the root causes of hair loss by healing & nourishing your growth cell matrix and follicles
  • Balance your Biotin-B7 levels to ensure consistent hair production

Works for all scalp types

Normal, Thinning, Oily, Sensitive, Balding


Hair nourishment therapy works by addressing the causes of hair loss and thinning directly at their source. It works by stimulating the follicles with additional blood flood to move them from their resting phase to their active phase. Hair follicles never die off completely, they just go to sleep and it can be very difficult to wake them up. By applying the Hair Regrowth Treatment topically and ingesting the Enhanced Hair Nutrition directly we've created a powerful treatment therapy that is highly effective in reviving dormant follicle cells!

Customer Reviews

Leslie J

“I really like my shampoo and conditioner and wasn't prepared to just give it up. But I have noticed my hair getting thinner over the years. I figured, what the heck, let's give it a try. I've been using these two products for three months now and my hair is filling in nicely. I've even been getting compliments!”

Wendy K

“I have to be honest, I bought this for my husband fully expecting him to never use it. To my surprise he started taking the capsules and used the regrowth spray after he showers. It's been a few months and he's going for his first hair cut in years. I'm pretty proud of myself on this one”

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