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Follipur Natural Hair Care Routine

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Pure Moroccan Argan Oil

For your protection
(30 day supply - 1 oz, 30 ml)

Price: $29


Shining, strong and protected, our hair is one of the first things people notice. We implicity understand that our hair can be hyper sensitive to treatments and the environment.

Free radicals, harmful products, and environmental toxins are all enemies that constantly work to deteriorate and undermine our growing hair.

Formulated with pure Moroccan argan oil, the Follipur Argan Oil is the single most effective solution to protect, strengthen, and fortify your beautiful hair and scalp.

  • Protect and strengthen existing and new hair growth
  • Reduce damage from toxins and products.
  • Inject Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Antioxidants directly into your hair and scalp
  • Revitalize hair for increased shine and volume
  • Astonishingly soft, smooth and delicate yet powerfully effective

Works for all scalp types

Normal, Thinning, Oily, Sensitive, Balding

step 4.

The argan oil is the 4th step and is included in our Complete 5-Step Routine

Price of argan oil if purchased individually:


Argan oil if purchased within the Complete 4-Step Routine

$29 $22

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How to use

Start Protecting

  • Start with a dime sized amounts in your hand (1-3 drops)
  • Rub hands together and work through damp or dry hair
  • Style your hair as usual
  • Reapply daily as necessary

Customer Reviews


“Anything that helps to reduce the damage my hair takes on a daily basis is something I am all about, and it feels so good going on. You can feel the soothing and smoothness immediately. It also helps keep my hair shining like I just came from the salon.”


“I love my Follipur Argan Oil. Over the years my hair has become increasingly brittle and tough to manage. I also dye my hair which makes it even worse. After using this after I wash my hair I noticed my hair does end up in the brush anymore and I love the shine!”

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