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Follipur Natural Hair Care Routine

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What will Follipur do for you?


Certified vegan, cruelty free, no parabens, phthalates or sulfates.


Normal, frizzy, oily, or damaged hair and scalp. Follipur works on all hair types.


Thinning hair and pattern baldness can happen at any age. and it's never too early or too late to grow back.


Stop sun and free radical damage instantly!


Proven to increase hair density and help stop hair loss


Guaranteed to deliver results, or your money back.

Are you ready
for a confident new you?

Combine 400 years of history, 20 years of trial & error, 100 different test formulations and one passionate team!

That's our masterpiece!

No matter your age, gender or hair concerns, Follipur will restore, regrow, and revitalize better than any other hair product you've ever tried.

How does the complete 4-step system work?

We call it COMPLETE because it is! We've simplified a total hair regrowth program into 4 simple steps...


We completely remove all harmful toxins and free radicals trapped within your hair follicles. Then nourish your hair and scalp to bring back its strength and volume. We set the foundation for a healthy head of hair by resetting your hair's baseline. Follipur Nourishing Shampoo + Conditioner


We address the root causes of hair-loss by healing & reactivating your hair follicles right at the scalp. We jump start your follicles with the natural ingredient AnaGain which works to move the follicles from their resting state to an active state. Follipur Hair Regrowth Treatment


We provide your body with nutrients like Biotin-B7, Calcium, & regenerative peptides. We remove Vitamin B deficiencies, stimulate gene regulation, and cell signalling. The end result are extremely healthy and productive hair follicles that kick into overdrive! Follipur Enhanced Hair Nutrition

step 4 - CALM, PROTECT

We reduce damage caused to your hair from toxins, products, and pollution by protecting with Vitamin E and moisturizers. We create a shield around individual hairs and even your scalp. The result is a full, strong, and thick head of hair. Follipur Pure Moroccan Argan Oil

A Sweet Pea for Your Hair? Oh Yes!

Our Mediterranean Garden Pea is so beneficial it has been published in the US National Library of Medicine.
Known as a powerful catalyst in healing it has been used throughout the Mediterranean for over 1,500 years. Brimming with powerful botanical and essential vitamins, studies show significantly better hair regrowth results than Minoxidil with none of the long term side effects.
Follipur is the first and only hair restoration brand in North America to harness the hair growth benefits of this incredible little pea. Excited? So are we!

Very Satisfied, Real Customers

Have to Say About Follipur

Katie T.

I’m a 67 year old long since retired hair stylist. In my time I’ve tried so many products that claimed to regrow hair. As a former stylist I couldn’t help but listen to the owner of the beauty salon I now use when she mentioned she had many customers using Follipur. Despite my skepticism I gave it a try, using the product daily on the top of my head and my thinning hair. Seeing really is believing, I could not be happier with the results. Thank you, Follipur!

Layla M.

I must say I have tried many products that claim to help regrow hair and I love how this product is packaged to get the most out of the product without wasting it. It's a decent size for the price. I have already seen improvements from my balding spots and they are already starting to fill in and are already less noticeable. I apply it in the mornings and before I go to bed.

Michelle K.

I purchased this to try something new, seen a video somewhere about it. Upon receiving, I noticed how well it was packaged. No leaks and intact. I am always worried about breaking out when trying a new product. I began to apply and it feels really good on, it is not greasy and doesn't leave a film. It felt like I had just applied water. This is a good sign for me. The scent is great! So I've been using for about a week now, and my hair looks and feels very hydrated and soft. I have very brittle hair and so far this has been helping. I will probably continue to use this on my hair, the price is right compared to many other wannabe solutions. Will continue using and will update. So far extremely happy with this treatment and can honestly recommend giving it a try.

Tyler H.

Quality product that everybody should buy. There's wants in life but this is a need. I received one from a friend as a gift and I plan on buying more so I can continue using it.

Nina O.

Very happy with this product. Only used it a short while and already I notice a difference. It is not oily or heavy and it is a perfect after shower treatment. I wake up to smooth and soft hair it is definitely helping to regrow my thin spots at the top of my head. I highly recommend Follipur. Great value for the price, comparable to others I have purchased that were much more expensive.

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